I EMBRACE CHANGE — which is a good thing, considering that I’ve lived in seven states (three of them twice) and almost 30 U.S. cities and towns. During those migrations, I’ve cheered for many different professional sports teams, found (and sometimes lost) a lot of good friends, and searched for meaning in a multitude of churches and a wide variety of volunteer work.

My writing credentials include serving as a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, as well as editor and feature writer for California Law Business and Washington Journal.

I’ve also been a deputy prosecutor and associate city attorney in the Midwest, handled communications for a Pacific Northwest hospice agency, and worked as front office manager at my daughter’s veterinary clinic on Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula.

Although I’ve switched careers several times, being a novelist was not on any of my 5-year plans. Then Puppins came along. A rescued black Labrador retriever who shared my life when I lived in Los Angeles, Puppins was the inspiration for my tales about the fantasy adventures he might have had.

But the books are not just about dogs. They are about family, forgiveness, love, taking risks, and figuring out where you belong. See GONE DOG and A DOG’S EYE VIEW OF THE PLANET VENUS. 

My four granddaughters, two on each coast, and their parents, are the joy of my life. They all love animals, as I do, and I write for them.

Carol Angel

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