MY BOOKS: First, I would like to introduce Puppins, a rescued black Labrador retriever. Puppins was my dog when I lived in Los Angeles; his fictional namesake is the narrator of my 2018 canine coming-of-age novel, GONE DOG.  

Puppins also narrates a not-yet-published light romance, A DOG’S EYE VIEW of the PLANET VENUS. Learn more about my books by clicking on their pages, above.

BLOG POSTS:  My posts focus on a variety of thoughts and ideas, such as what I’ve learned from being a “serial nester” in multiple towns and cities around the United States. See listing of blog posts, at right.

PHOTO GALLERY: Photography is important to me, both  aesthetically and as a record of the various places I’ve lived. Currently I’m doing a series I call “Reflections — photographs of shop windows in downtown San Rafael, California. The photo below shows the passing scene as reflected in a display window of the Continental Wig Salon.

ANIMAL RESCUE RESOURCES: Because of my interest in promoting no-kill animal shelters, as well as pet rescue and adoption initiatives, this page of my website lists some of my favorite organizations and individuals that help lost, abandoned, neglected and abused pets.

Note:  The butterfly image that appears on all of my website pages was taken at Copperfield’s Books in San Rafael. Several giant butterfly kites hang from the ceiling of Copperfield’s, a really good independent bookstore.

GONE DOG cover art and design by Laura Wilder, www.laurawilder.com