Kids & Pets

Two generations from now, children will no longer need human contact. At least that’s what one futurist predicts.

My question is: If that’s so, will kids still want the comfort of a furry pet? I’m betting they will.

In “Lo and Behold,” a documentary about the Internet, filmmaker Werner Herzog interviews a wide array of  web pioneers, technologists, sociologists and visionaries, as well as experts in artificial intelligence and robotics.

They talk about the history of the World Wide Web and its current effects on culture and society. As for what they see in their crystal balls for the future, it may be amazing — but it’s also scary.

For instance, that forecast about children two generations down the line not needing human touch. If that turns out to be the future, I’m glad I won’t be around to see it.

On the other hand, maybe that dreary prediction is coming sooner than predicted: Toyota has a new mini-robot, a pocket-sized guy that understands kids’ questions and answers them in Japanese. (English is coming.) Who needs real parents?

If children do evolve to no longer need contact with humans, will words such as “cuddle” and “snuggle” fall out of use? My hypothesis is, no — they will still be spoken about live, furry creatures.

No matter how technologically advanced the human race becomes, I think kids will always need the comfort and companionship of puppies and dogs, kittens and cats, bunnies and ponies and horses, guinea pigs and hamsters. Even pet rats.

The photos posted here are of my four granddaughters. Over the years, they’ve had a wide variety of furry friends. They have cared for them, played with them, and turned to them for solace when life got hard.

And even though my girls are teenagers now, their love affair with pets goes on. May it always be so!