A light romance novel

by Carol Angel

Puppins, a rescued black Labrador retriever, dreams of being a service dog so he can get into fine restaurants and movie theaters. First, though, he has a more pressing concern.

Kristin – the twenty-something journalist who is Puppins’ adoptive “mom” — has zero love life. She has sworn off men. Los Angeles guys can’t be trusted, she says, and committed relationships happen only in classic movies.

Kristin is unhappy. And when Kristin is unhappy, so is Puppins.

Then two likely prospects appear on the scene. Could one of them be THE ONE?

First, there’s Father Nicholas, a young, good-looking priest (Episcopal, not Catholic, so he is date-able). He dresses like a Boston terrier and has the same temperament: intelligent, charming, and affectionate. Also in his favor: He brings treats to keep Puppins from growling ominously when he and Kristin kiss. Bribery is not a sin, is it?

Then there is Will, the hunky soccer coach, who has the good traits of an Irish water spaniel — strong, creative, hard-working and persevering. Secretly, Coach Will believes Kristin is the avatar of a white tiger he became obsessed with as a kid. That’s crazy, of course, but otherwise Puppins thinks the coach shows promise.

Kristin, however, says Will is just a friend. Besides, he’s a jock, and there’s no way she could ever get serious about a jock.

Puppins has heard about astrology — after all, this is L.A. He believes that Myrna, Kristin’s astrology-crazed friend, could sort things out. Then Kristin would know if the coach or the priest is destined to be her TRUE LOVE. Or, if she should dump them both and find someone more zodiac-ly appropriate.

Unfortunately, Kristin thinks astrology is bunk. To make matters worse, she is a Virgo, which Myrna says is the most difficult sign when it comes to romance.

Despite all the obstacles, the planets finally align. Venus is in the ascendancy, and there’s a quickie, DIY wedding. But wait: What happens when the groom invites five kids and four dogs — including Puppins — to share the honeymoon suite? Have the stars and planets made an epic miscalculation?

Not to worry. With the help of a Happiness Blanket, it all works out. Kristin’s Sun is in her groom’s Scorpio, and his Moon is in her Virgo. Or is it the other way around? No matter. Puppins’ mission is accomplished, no astrologers needed.

Along the way, the mysteries of Puppins’ past finally get solved. Now he can move on to becoming a service dog. Training involves a lot of annoying clicking sounds, but also a ton of treats. And finally he’ll be able to watch action films through 3-D glasses at IMAX, and go inside the local In-N-Out for a double-double burger and fries.

But wait. Is there more to it than that? Does it actually involve doing something noble?  Wow. That would be the perfect destiny for any dog.

Note: “A Dog’s Eye View of the Planet Venus” is a lighthearted romance, based on the fictional adventures of a true-life, once-upon-a-time dog named Puppins. Watch for its publication.

Book cover art and design by Laura Wilder. laurawilderart.com