Photography is something I find very satisfying. I’ve lived many places around the country, and it’s important to me to record the special things about each, the scenes and happenings that I really want to remember.

In Los Angeles, I was obsessed with photographing church architecture and, strangely, car headlights on freeways at dusk. Florida’s Sanibel Island provided ever-changing skies, pristine beaches, rare shells, the vast Gulf of Mexico, and a gator in the swimming pool.

Now, I focus mostly on colorful scenes in the Bay Area.┬áIn San Rafael, Calif., I walk almost every day down Fourth Street, the city’s mile-long retail and commerce district. That’s where most of my current photographs are taken.

Interesting display windows seem to be a thing of the past. Most shop windows these days show a decided lack of imagination: slouching mannequins draped in torn jeans, or boring arrangements of whatever is sold inside.

But on Fourth Street, shops of all types — and cafes and art galleries and even yoga studios — come up with intriguing ways to provide pleasure to passers-by or lure customers inside.

For example, the above photo taken at Mike’s Bikes. The Einstein quote — “I thought of that while riding my bicycle” — refers to the moments when the renowned physicist came up with his Theory of Relativity.

The photo is one of my “Reflections” shots, showing city life as reflected in display windows on Fourth Street. Here are some other “Reflections”:

20/20 Optical

D’Lynne’s Dancewear

Double Rainbow Ice Cream

Le Comptoir Restaurant

Celebracion Formal Wear

More to come. Stay tuned.